How does money work?

Master builder Joen delas Penas tells us how money works and about our challenges in the future.  He teaches us  how to control  our future by saving and investing in innovative financial solution.   Finally  he tells us to join the biggest community of savers and investors in the country, and  enjoy the many membership benefits!

The IMG Membership Benefits

Do you worry about your job?
Do you worry about retirement?
Do you worry about your child's education?
Do you worry about the high cost of living?
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How does money work?

  • The challenges of our future
  • How to control our future, through DIY (do-it-yourself)
  • How money works
  • Simple financial solutions for building your future.
  • Joining a community of savers and investors
  • And learn to earn in the financial industry

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To help create wealth for families To make a difference for families so there will be No family left behind.

Cultivate every individual's innate capacity to develop a positive mindset in becoming financially independent. We focus on promoting financial literacy. We teach every individual from being spender to saver.


To Build a new Financial Industry, where everyone is able to earn what the wealthy are earning by bringing the secrets of the wealthy to all.

The International Marketing Group aspires to become the forefront among the companies of its kind today. To further drive the right business concepts, services, and product not just to the affluent people but to the middle-income individuals as well.